Something got stuck inside of me, years ago, on learning that neither of my sons was registered to vote. I began to wonder…

photograph of site author with two adult sons
azwaldo and sons, 2011

How can you help someone else appreciate the need to participate in democracy, to see it as a duty of citizenship?

Consider the overall trend in voter turnout over the last few decades. If we leave the discussion to someone else, we get the policies that they want.

Graph of percentage voting with overall downward trend.
Reported Voting Rates, 1964 to 2008
From the U.S. Census Bureau


1. Encourage
The main goal is to encourage eligable voters, to increase voter participation. To this end, a variety of tactics are being considered. (Got 2¢ to add?)
2. Engage
The primary goal as a campaign is to engage others in the project, urging them to reach out to their family and friends. To this end, a challenge is designed to prompt site visitors to jump onboard.
3. Inform
Meanwhile, the implied goal is education (for myself as well as anyone else); To this end, a basic voter-info package is needed. The “Resources” page (link in nav bar) will provide a growing set of links with descriptions to help voters find information.

Just think…If you tell two people, and they tell two people…and then those folks tell two people…we could really Occupy the Polls.

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