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Seattle’s Progressive Agenda

Image by Theresa Thompson / (CC BY 2.0) “Seattle is really one of the most interesting places in the country right now” Reporting on one of the brighter spots in the 2015 election, John Nichols pointed to several progressive initiatives

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Seattle elections draw attention

Image: Seattle by CheWei Chang (Flickr, CC Licensed BY-ND 2.0) Two local elections in Seattle have made Ballotpedia‘s list of Top 10 elections to watch in November 2015, drawing attention to “potentially game-changing elections” across the U.S. In a recent

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Larry Lessig’s single-issue “referendum” presidency

…will step down as soon as his goal of overhauling the nation’s campaign finance and elections system is realized. —Harvard law prof jumping into 2016 presidential race (Boston Herald) Will he first need to commit to a particular running mate

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Gun rights vs. rights of minors?

Prinnie and Mahalia Singing With 600,000 Kid’s in Sydney The death of a shooting range instructor in Arizona raises several questions in the mind of this citizen. But, before jumping up on the soap box I want to just say:

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Corporate Profit and National Debt

It can’t be this simple… During recent television coverage of the government shutdown and political skirmish over spending, I heard an intriguing claim made by one commentator. He said that… during the Eisenhower administration—corporate taxes made up roughly one third of federal

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