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Feeling Informed

Image by (CC BY-SA 2.0) Feedback in this project points to a gap in the voting experience. “I am registered to vote but unfortunately have not done so since I was 18.” Encouraging registration is not enough. “Ill have

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Many Hispanic Citizens Do Not Vote

Image by Uri Breitman(CC Licensed: BY-NC 2.0) Jim is a neighbor who volunteers to register voters. He recently told of a particular challenge in reaching out to Hispanic folks in the community, adding that they gave various reasons for not

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Second Objective – To Inform (cont.)

“handing out leaflets” (photo by andrew wales) These early posts explore ideas behind the project; playing with the purpose so a mission can manifest. A previous post on this subject didn’t reach far enough. Occupy the Polls’ second objective, To

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Second Objective – To Inform

Continuing to describe the objectives of this project. These early posts attempt to define an Occupy the Polls mission. To engage To illuminateinform To activate Toward the second objective, I’ve assigned myself regular reviews of media and data resources. A

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First Objective – To Engage

Today, I will begin to describe the objectives of this project. • To engage • To illuminate • To activate To engage others can mean many things; it already suggests several to me…various tasks that have made the “To Do”

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Launch Date Moves Up

This project will “launch” with the first “invitation to a challenge” email, sent to a friend…or a small number of friends. The content of that message is simple, compared to making-ready the various online elements; website (front page, specifically), this

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Hello Nation

Something stuck inside me when I learned that neither one of my sons was registered to vote. That was over a year ago, and with the 2012 elections approaching I began to wonder… How can you help someone understand a

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