Feeling Informed

Feedback in this project points to a gap in the voting experience.

“I am registered to vote but unfortunately have not done so since I was 18.”

Encouraging registration is not enough.

“Ill have to check it out when i get some free time.”

Busy lives.

Many folks are probably willing, maybe even interested. They just haven’t found an easy way to stay informed. Life in The Information Age should include a solution for this.

What if an email appeared regularly with information only about the issues and candidates affecting you…one that is tailored to your particular district or precinct?

Today, I turn my focus to the Resources page.

“I think [my boyfriend] just feels uneducated about issues on the ballots and doesn’t know where to go to do some good research on stuff.”

What is encouraging about that last quote is the amount of respect obviously given to the process. Still, it raises an important question…

What do you need to feel informed?

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