Gun rights vs. rights of minors?

Prinnie and Mahalia Singing With 600,000 Kid’s in Sydney

The death of a shooting range instructor in Arizona raises several questions in the mind of this citizen. But, before jumping up on the soap box I want to just say:

Children should be laughing, running, and singing.

I find myself to upset by this story. ([same link as above] Please follow link.) Curiously, many news reports are using the word “tragedy” in describing the incident. That challenges my perception. If there is a tragedy here, it might be that a 9-year-old girl faces an entire lifetime with the memory of this “tragedy”…an event for which her parents are responsible.

Learning about another preventable death in the U.S.A did not disturb me.

Learning that it was death from from an automatic firearm did not disturb me.

What disturbs me is learning that there are parents here in the United States that believe their young daughter should hold and operate an automatic weapon.

Where, when, how does it stop? Not sure where to turn, I have begun to look for information regarding the rights of minors. That is the best I come up with: educate myself.

Meanwhile, are you registered to vote? If so, please consider accepting this site’s Challenge. If not, please visit this page.

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