Many Hispanic Citizens Do Not Vote

Image by Uri Breitman
(CC Licensed: BY-NC 2.0)

Jim is a neighbor who volunteers to register voters. He recently told of a particular challenge in reaching out to Hispanic folks in the community, adding that they gave various reasons for not participating.

Later, when asked again about those reasons, he wrote ’em down.

  • afraid of showing their ignorance about how to operate voting machines
  • don’t understand the issues or which candidates will support their interests
  • they don’t know the candidates or the candidates don’t represent them
  • need to know where to vote
  • have gone to a place that has since been changed and then give up
  • don’t feel their vote is important
  • don’t feel included
  • don’t feel they are part of the process

It should come as no surprise that many Hispanic citizens do not vote…

they are just like everybody else.
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