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ROCK THE VOTE‘s online voter registration tool delivers a very smooth user experience; account sign-up, installation of widget, the voter registration process…all were simple, well-informed.

Today I completed the online voter registration form, right here at OtP, and the PDF is waiting in my hard drive. Already registered to vote, I still might print it out just to complete the experience…the PDF looks great.

screen capture of voter registration form produced by online app
Screenshot of voter registration form (PDF) produced
by online app. Note the addy for my Sec’y of State
is provided, as well as a reminder of deadline
(Click for full size image)

Important: The online application merely produces a document that must be printed out and mailed in, after stuffing it in an envelope which is also provided in the PDF.

Make a mailer. Fold the form and address sheet in half.
Make sure the address is visible on the outside.
Tape or staple the folded form at the bottom to create
the mailer. Alternately, place your form in an envelope
and hand address it to the Secretary of State.

The final document is very informative. For example, instructions are included that cover Federal law regarding first-time registration.

information for first time registrants
(Click for full size image)
If you are registering to vote for the first time
[by mail]…Federal law requires…proof of identification
…[which can include] A current and valid photo
identification or a current utility bill, bank statement,
government check, paycheck, or government document that
shows your name and address.

…and thorough instructions about requirements in one’s own state are included…

screen capture of voter registration form showing details pertaining to my own state requirements

I find it is difficult to express just how easy this has been…so, if you are ready to roll, just click here to ROCK (THE VOTE).

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