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Feeling Informed

Image by (CC BY-SA 2.0) Feedback in this project points to a gap in the voting experience. “I am registered to vote but unfortunately have not done so since I was 18.” Encouraging registration is not enough. “Ill have

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Seattle’s Progressive Agenda

Image by Theresa Thompson / (CC BY 2.0) “Seattle is really one of the most interesting places in the country right now” Reporting on one of the brighter spots in the 2015 election, John Nichols pointed to several progressive initiatives

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New Resources

A list of Resources has been added to the site (see links in navigation bar). Information from various sites include: How and Where to Register State Registration Deadlines Taking Time Off to Vote Voting by Absentee Ballot Contact us if

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Seattle elections draw attention

Image: Seattle by CheWei Chang (Flickr, CC Licensed BY-ND 2.0) Two local elections in Seattle have made Ballotpedia‘s list of Top 10 elections to watch in November 2015, drawing attention to “potentially game-changing elections” across the U.S. In a recent

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online voter registration experience

ROCK THE VOTE‘s online voter registration tool delivers a very smooth user experience; account sign-up, installation of widget, the voter registration process…all were simple, well-informed. Today I completed the online voter registration form, right here at OtP, and the PDF

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Politics – a Special Topic

Image from:How To Debate Politics Like A Gentleman More and more, I have begun to see politics—as a matter of discussion—as something of a special topic; and, not necessarily one to be avoided. Two recent examples will help me explain.

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Hello Nation

Something stuck inside me when I learned that neither one of my sons was registered to vote. That was over a year ago, and with the 2012 elections approaching I began to wonder… How can you help someone understand a

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